Simple Mosquito Control that is Safer for Everyone

Mosquito control can be difficult to deal with, especially if you need to steer clear of techniques that are harmful for children and pets. Fortunately, there are many different methods that you can utilize to vanquish mosquitoes from your property without putting your family at risk. As an added bonus, it is not necessary to do something that requires a lot of time and energy. Keep in mind that mosquitoes have been linked to several potentially deadly issues such as the West Nile virus, and this makes it imperative to take steps to remove them from your yard.


1. Hire a Landscaping Professional

Mosquitoes can easily become a major problem in your lawn, especially if your property has areas that are prone to holding water. Professional landscapers have the necessary knowledge and tools to treat your entire lawn, including your shrubs, without using harmful insecticides that will be dangerous for your four-legged companions and young children. Additionally, they can fill in problematic areas so that you do not need to worry about dealing with standing water in the future.


2. Utilize Plants that are Natural

There are a wide variety of plants and herbs that you can place around your property to help stave off mosquito infestations that are natural mosquito repellents. One of the best options is catnip, and this can serve multiple purposes since you can also give it to your cats as a treat. Other options include citronella plants, marigolds, basil, tansies, rosemary, lemongrass, and garlic.


3. Keep Your Gutters Clean

Many homeowners fail to clean their rain gutters on a regular basis, and this can provide the perfect environment for mosquito breeding activity. Therefore, you will need to keep your gutters clean on a regular basis throughout the mosquito season in order to reduce your odds of developing an infestation on your property.


4. Use Citronella Candles

Even if you carefully take care of your entire lawn to minimize your mosquito risk, it is still possible that you may encounter some of them while you are outside during the evening. Therefore, you should keep some citronella candles by your lawn furniture so that it is easy to burn them whenever necessary.


5. Do Not Leave Buckets in Your Yard

Everyone has inadvertently left a bucket outside after washing their car or doing some lawn work. Unfortunately, buckets become major breeding grounds for mosquitoes as soon as they get rainwater in them. If this happens to you, you can kill the mosquitoes by putting vinegar in the bucket before you empty it.


6. Never Keep Old Tires Around

Unless you are going to quickly repurpose an old tire, it is always best to simply recycle it instead of leaving it on your lawn. In fact, tires are an extremely attractive habitat to mosquitoes because they tend to be warm, dark and wet, and this makes it very easy for them to breed. Therefore, unless you want to deal with a lot of mosquitoes, you should never keep old tires.


With all of the potential complications that can arise from having mosquitoes on your property, it simply makes good sense to take steps to eliminate their prime breeding areas. It is also important to keep your lawn and shrubs properly maintained at all times because overgrown areas are a well-known mosquito hang out. Fortunately, you can easily turn to a professional landscaping company that uses kid and pet friendly insecticides to help you deal with any problems that have already occurred, and you can also take a proactive approach to protect your family from these hazardous pests in the future.


Lisa Coleman shares some natural and safe ways that a person can stave off mosquitos. She recently viewed online at how a professionally trained landscape specialist can help with safer treatments for this type of control.

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