How to Use Complementary Therapy to Boost Your Fertility

If you want to improve your chances of getting pregnant, it’s important to look after your wellness and wellbeing. As well as all the traditional, mainstream ways, you should look to gain an all-natural boost from the plethora of treatments and tips available under the discipline of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


At a recent fertility seminar held in New York City, many natural fertility specialists highlighted the importance that Traditional Chinese Medicine and other mind/body techniques can have on a woman’s chances of having a baby.


For example, traditional Chinese Medicine can help to improve blood flow to the reproductive area. It is thought that a stressful lifestyle can remove blood flow away from the reproductive organs, funnelling it instead to the legs and arms as part of the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response to danger. To change this, a course of acupuncture can help to redirect the blood flow back to the reproductive organs. You could also try focused relaxation (such as mentally going to your internal ‘happy place’), or a session of de-stressing yoga, or even a massage.


Hormones also play a big role in conception. When your hormones are all out of kilter, it can make it much tougher to conceive. Stress is often the cause of hormonal imbalance too, especially as so many women have high –stress lifestyles. Stress can cause increased production of the hormone prolactin, which may then impede ovulation. As well as cutting down on the stress in your life, there are some herbs that can be useful to fertility. You would also benefit hugely from eating a healthy, balanced diet and taking plenty of exercise. All of this will help to bring your body’s hormones back into balance, hopefully helping you to conceive successfully in the future.

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