Have You Tried Teff?

Teff is one of the most ancient grains in the world, and also one of the smallest. Its name even comes from an old word ‘teffa’ meaning ‘lost’ because if you drop it on the ground you won’t find it again! Teff originated in Ethiopia as a foraged wild grass and was eventually cultivated by the highland Ethiopians. Seeds of teff have also been found in a brick of the Dassur Egyptian pyramid, built in 359 BC. Teff is available in brown and white versions, but both are whole-grain as the kernel is too small to mill easily. Teff supplies more fibre-rich bran and nutritious germ than any other grain, and has a high mineral content including 17 times more calcium than is found in whole-wheat or barley. Teff flour can be cooked as porridge, used as a wheat flour substitute in bread, pancakes, muffins, pasta and cakes, or made into ‘teff polenta’. Due to its high iron content, it is particularly recommended for those participating in a lot of sport, and pregnant women. It is also gluten-free, and low in calories.

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