Heard Of Halogen Oven?

Here is a fast, healthy and energy-efficient cooking method…

The halogen oven is a compact, stand-alone cooking unit that consists of a transparent glass bowl and a lid that contains the heating element – a metal filament inside a glass tube filled with halogen gas. When switched on, the halogen lamp generates an instant and intense heat. The lid also contains a fan, which circulates the heat inside the cooking chamber. The result is a highly efficient oven that heats food quickly – anything up to 60% faster than a conventional oven – so uses considerably less energy too.

From a technological point of view, the whole process is surprisingly simple. Whereas microwave ovens generate thermal energy with non-ionising radiation to excite polarised molecules within the food, halogen ovens simply use circulated heat in a contained chamber to cook food quickly and evenly. Because it heats so quickly, it doesn’t need to be pre-heated in the way that cooking with a conventional oven often requires.

Cooking with a halogen oven also delivers health benefits. They are designed to cook food evenly without the addition of oil or fat, and their design allows fat to drain away from the food. The accelerated cooking time is also important – because the food cooks more quickly than in a conventional oven, it retains more of the nutrients that would normally be lost during a longer cooking period.

Halogen ovens are surprisingly versatile. Roasting meat, poultry and vegetables is quick and easy, but you can also use it for baking everything from cake to pizzas. Some ovens come with accessories (and pre-set cooking cycles) for cooking rice or making toast. In fact, the halogen oven not only fulfils the functions you would expect of a conventional oven, but can also act as a grill and even a steamer.

Because the food is effectively cooked in a clear glass bowl, it’s easy to keep an eye on how your meal is coming along – no need to open an oven door to check on the progress (letting heat escape in the process) and no need to worry about burning your dinner!

As well as being healthier and saving you money through lower energy consumption, Halogen ovens are themselves relatively inexpensive; a good reason to try them out!

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