SEE IT: Beat boxing juggler performs on L.A.



Bronkar Lee, who is described on his website as “the world’s only rhythmic juggling beat boxer,” shows his point of view while juggling seven balls during a recent stunt on the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

By using a GoPro camera, Lee, 34, shows the audience how he coordinates all of the objects through the demonstration.

The Los Angeles resident told the Daily News the video allows him to share the distinctive experience with his fans.


“I love being able to share the unique first person perspective with my audience so that they get to experience the activity with me. I think it’s fun for them too,” he said.

Lee has juggled for 12 years and said it gives him a therapeutic outlet as well as physical exercise.

“I actually get to be hyper-focused and then get in the ‘zone’ when I’m doing it so it’s like an active meditation,” he said.

His tricks also include juggling balls between his legs and juggling by bouncing the balls on the ground while propped up on one knee.

And the Athens, Ga., native even beat boxes through the entire thing.



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