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Riding to raise awareness of MS

Go to Source Bicycling isn't usually fodder for Jeremy Conn, co-host of the popular Scott Garceau sports show on 105.7 The Fan. But the Bike MS: Chesapeake Challenge had a particular meaning for the Baltimore…

Why Should We Care?

Go to Source By Colin Boyd There is a lot of "Why should we care?" in Bicycling with Molière, a French comedy about old actors and older theatre. Not that the theatre itself is unworthy:

To bicycle or not to bicycle?

Two years ago, I was quoted by a Star Tribune reporter saying that I do not wear a helmet while bicycling because I don’t want the activity to appear dangerous or scary. “I just want it to be seen as something that a normal person…

Free Bike Helmet Fittings Offered

Bicycling provides great exercise and enjoyment for riders of all ages, but every year hundreds of cyclists are killed and thousands more injured on U.S. roadways, reports AAA. Helmets are the best defense to prevent