How to Lose Weight AND Look After Your Mental Health

Whether you feel letdown by your results or just plain bored with your routine, trying to lose weight can really do a number on your mental health. But does it have to? Here are five weight loss tips that are actually helpful for your mental wellbeing.

1. Try Yoga
Wellness expert Scott Neumyer instructs, ‘Breathe Deep. Relax. Breathe Deeper. Feel better? Feel healthier? Well, keep doing it, because it just might be helping you stay fit and lose fat. According to, stress has been known to contribute to abdominal fat and other issues. Grabbing your Yoga mat and heading out for a little relaxation may go a long way toward helping you reach your fitness goals as well. And, besides, who among us couldn’t use a little less stress and a little more relaxation, right?’

2. Stop Trying to Spot Reduce
‘Here’s the thing about spot reduction,’ says Neumyer. ‘It doesn’t exist. Everyone seems to know that trying to spot reduce a specific body part’s fat content doesn’t work, yet nearly everyone seems to continue to attempt spot reduction. You know that guy you see in the gym banging out 20 sets of 50 crunches each? Yeah, of course you know that guy. He’s in nearly every gym. Well, he’s pretty much wasting his time. Sure, he’s burning a few calories and staying active. But, if he thinks those 1,000 crunches a day are going to make his six-pack come out from hiding inside the cooler of fat he’s got there in the mid-section, he’s sorely mistaken. Don’t waste your precious gym time trying to spot reduce. Use that time, instead, to do some high intensity interval training or mixing up your lifting routine.’

3. Take Photos and Track Your Progress
Neumyer notes, ‘Taking photos before, after, and during a weight loss journey is a great way to stay motivated throughout the entire sweat-inducing ordeal. Not only do you get to see the fruits of your labor as your skin tightens up, your face thins out, and your body transforms into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine, but you can also share your progress photos (if you’re brave enough) on social media. It’s a surefire way to up your confidence as comments like “Wow! Look at you!” and “How much weight have you lost?!” start to make their way into your inbox.’

4. Change the Order
‘Yes, we know you have your workout calendar with all its colour-coordinated days, workouts and rep times on it,’ Neumyer points out. ‘You know what we want you to do with it? Rip it up! Yup, every once in a while, just tear it up and totally change your workout order.’ Kurt Hester, TD1 National Director of Performance, explains, ‘Humans are creatures of habit. Go into any gym in America and you can watch gym rats performing the exact same workout three times per week. Cardio for 30-60 minutes followed by a circuit trip around the weight room. You want results? Change it up! 30 minutes of high intensity lifting followed by 15 minutes of high intensity intervals will produce more results in two days than your standard 90-minute workout three days a week.’

5. Find a Group
Jacksonville Jaguars Fullback Greg Jones details, ‘One of the things that sets me apart from some other players in the league are the people I surround myself with. I have great people around me. We’re always lifting each other up when we have bad days.’ Neumyer adds, ‘That’s exactly what training with a partner or group can do for your workouts (and your ability to lose fat faster). It’s all about motivation. You pull each other out of the doldrums and into the world of the fit. Just when you think you can’t run any farther or do that last rep, you have your buddy there to make sure you do it.’

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