Easy Ways to Stay Bright-Eyed As You Age

Your eyes are a great indicator to your health, happiness and also your age. Caring for them can make them sparkle with wellness and looking after the skin around your eyes could take years off your appearance.

Gently does it

One of the main reasons facial ageing seems concentrated around our eyes is because the skin in this area is so thin compared to the rest of the face. This and the fact that we use our eyes for expression means that wrinkles start to crop up in this area first. A good tip is too treat this area very gently. When it comes to applying creams to enhance wellbeing and reduce the signs of ageing, pat this area rather than rub. Pulling the skin could damage it and lead to more lines.

Eye Tests

Squinting your eyes a lot means you could overwork the muscles and get crows-feet quicker. If you find you’re squinting to read then it’s best to get your eyes tested to see if you need glasses. Sunlight may also make you squint, so invest in some sunglasses to preserve the delicate eye area.

Moisturise Properly

Although any facial moisturiser could help hydrate the skin around your eye, an anti-ageing formula designed for this part of your face could get you better results. This is because they are often created to penetrate the smaller pores found here, and they have gentle ingredients that still enhance collagen.

Sleep Well

Sleep is a time for regeneration in your body, so cells are renewed and a glow is restored to your skin. This is because when you sleep your body’s healing mechanism is not being disrupted by the activity of your daily life, so dark circles can be eliminated. Also, remember to make sure you sleep on a comfortable pillow that’s slightly elevated. This ensures toxins drain from your face effectively leaving you and your skin more refreshed from a night’s sleep.

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