The Attitudes towards Weight Loss Motivation

To lose weight, the only way you will turn successful is if you have powerful weight loss motivation.  Just kind of wanting to lose weight doesn’t seem to get the job done. We take a look at the three main weight loss motivations:

  • The first weight loss motivation is a particular event. People often try to lose some weight or excess weight, before their wedding or a high school reunion. There are many different programs that will help get you to your ideal weight for a particular event, as long as the pounds of weight you want to shed is reasonable for the amount of time you have, to lose that weight. For long term success, these products and your attitude may not be a great combination.   If your focus was on the event, your motivation to stay that size goes with the passing of time.


  • The second weight loss motivation people have is to get their loved ones off their backs. You try to make others happy.  Perhaps, your husband doesn’t like your post-pregnancy body or your children tell you that you are too unhealthy, when you try to lose weight to satisfy them.  Sometimes, when your motivation is to please others, you actually lose weight and are happy with the results. Most of the time; however, you lose weight until they quit talking about it.  Thereafter lost weight comes back on.


  • The final weight loss motivation is self-motivation. You want to lose weight to please yourself. If you find others are happy about it, that is just a bonus. May be, you realise how unhealthy being overweight is and you don’t want to burden your family with the cost of being overweight. Maybe, you look at health concerns that you would rather not deal with and weighing less is the answer. It might even be that you are just ready to be a lighter or smaller size. Whatever your personal reason is for wanting to lose excess weight, it is the only true weight loss motivation that will keep you on track for long-term weight management.

Is your weight problematic to you?  Once you have an issue with your weight, it will most likely be a problem always. That doesn’t mean that you will always be overweight or have your weight yo-yo. It means that your weight loss motivation will have to become motivation with mindset to remain in a certain weight range. The scale will always be part of your bathroom décor and you will need to visit it regularly.  It will keep yourself from gaining too much weight and ending up where you started. This requires a lifestyle change, instead of diet products. If you are ready to make a change in your life you can seek out the right plan for you.  You will be successful, if you have the right weight loss motivation.

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