New Laser Could Show Effectiveness of Anti-Ageing Products

Creams developed to make us look younger could now be monitored thanks to a new technique that shows changes in cells. Our wellness can certainly get a boost when we look fresh and younger than we actually are and many creams promise this on their packaging. Although the proof of the product you choose should be easy to see, now there’s another way to check whether they’re having a direct impact on your skin.

Under your skin

Chi-Kuang Sun from National Taiwan University recently spoke about the new infra-red laser that can painlessly look into cells to monitor changes that are associated with ageing. Our wellbeing can be affected in many ways as we get older, physically we may feel sluggish and our skin can sag as collagen levels decline. But these changes are often due to alterations in our cells that can now be measured by harmonic generation microscopy. This involves a beam of light being directed at cells and then vibrating in a way that can be measured. These measurements reveal the sizes of elements in cells, some of which grow as they age. Head researcher Chi-Kuang Sun explains that by taking into account these measurements the scientists could measure how well anti-ageing creams work.

Nature Vs Nurture

The scientists taking part in the study measured the skin cells under the forearm of participants. This area is usually free from sun damage, and may just reveal changes in skin that occurs because of genetics. Although, Sun explained that the technique can also be used to detect ageing signs in skin that are due to our lifestyles. He commented that stress, sun damage and smoking were all contributors to cell changes that can age skin prematurely, while also affecting our wellness. Measuring alterations in skin cells over time when anti-ageing creams have been applied could show how these lotions slow down the development of wrinkles.

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