Why Should You Learn About Anti-Oxidants to Look Younger?

Ageing can affect us all in different ways – some of us may suffer from tiredness, while others could gain weight. Our cells tend to age in the same way though, and learning how this process could be slowed down by taking care of our wellness could help you maintain your youthful features.

Why anti-oxidants?

Cells are little engines that drive nearly all of the processes in our bodies – including the ageing process! Although it’s inevitable that time will have an effect on our wellbeing, we can try and influence how our body changes with our age. As cells go about their daily business, they spark chemical reactions that can lead to free radicals being produced. Although our bodies make these molecules naturally, they are also found in the environment and can cause havoc. This is because they are unstable as they are missing important parts of their structure, so they try and fill this gap. But, instead of becoming stable they actually disrupt our cells making them become unstable. Experts believe that as well as ageing, they are behind serious wellness problems, like cancer. We can limit the effects and production of these molecules by eating anti-oxidants, but where is the best place to find them…

Follow the rainbow

Naturally colourful foods are usually bursting with anti-oxidants and nutrients. If your shopping trolley is usually packed with bland looking foods, like white bread, white rice, few vegetables and processed ingredients, then you might benefit from an anti-ageing diet. To get more vitamins and minerals in your diet choose foods like carrots, peppers, spinach and citrus fruit to up nutrient levels and give your cells protection from free radicals. Opt for healthy fats over saturated fats by putting almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds and oily fish into your trolley. All these ingredients are great sources of anti-oxidants that can give your cells an anti-ageing boost.

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