Move Over, Tea, it’s Coffee’s Turn to ‘Go Green’

You can’t beat a good cup of coffee. Though too much of it in your diet can be damaging to your wellness, sometimes all you need is a nice cup of coffee to relax and see your mental wellbeing improve. You might always stick to your favourite brand or bean, but consider switching to green-bean coffee, as this could potentially have benefits to your body as well as your mind.


Coffee comes from the roasted seeds of coffee plant, whereas green coffee beans are not roasted, but the natural seeds of coffee berry. These berries are handpicked, dried, stripped down and the residue is a ‘green bean’, which is rich in the chlorogenic acids that inhibit your fat and sugar absorption into the bloodstream. Therefore, you don’t accumulate as much body fat from fat and sugar in the body, and the chlorogenic acids also fuels the activation of fat metabolism in the liver which helps to burn fats.


So why is green coffee better than your usual bean? Green coffee extract is a mouth-watering boost of natural energy which is different from brown coffee due to the different savour and aroma that occurs from not roasting the beans. All the chlorogenic acids are removed during the roasting process in regular coffee, and so the beans become dry and desiccated. Green coffee is bitter and strong as the chlorogenic acids aren’t destroyed.


Further, green coffee is naturally lower in caffeine, and can therefore increase your alertness, improve your work pace and speed up your thought processes without causing any detrimental impact on your body. Green coffee is also rich in vitamins and minerals, reduces your blood pressure level, and even reduces your food cravings, which means better weight loss. On top of all this, it is packed with natural anti-oxidants, has a longer shelf life than brown coffee and is sustainable and organic. Not only does it taste great and minimise some of the physiological effects that drinking brown coffee can bring, this organic version of the same product can actually aid your mental and physical wellness so surely that’s worth trying a brew.


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