Ginn entertains at Library

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 David Ginn entertained an audience of preteens and teens on Tuesday afternoon, June 3. ”Is it magic or is it science?” was the question he asked as he performed his mesmerizing tricks. He shared some of his magician’s secrets with the young adults, demonstrating how they, too, could perform certain tricks. Each young person was given a magic tricks-to-go package to take home. Who knows; there might be another David Ginn on the horizon.


Thursday, June 5, Young Adult Coordinator Gladys Collins showed preteens and teens how to make a lava lamp by placing water, oil, food coloring and alka seltzer in a plastic bottle.


Earlier in the day, on June 5, Windy Ward, Children’s Coordinator, helped the younger children plant a sunflower seed. The seeds were placed in a test tube, along with a cotton ball that was dampened with water. The children were given a small cardboard stand in which to place the test tube. Each child decorated his/her test tube stand before taking it home to watch the seed transform into a sunflower.


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