Get the Family Going Green for the New Year

One way you can improve family wellness is by getting them excited about improving the wellbeing of the world around them. Why don’t you make ‘going green’ a wellness mission for the whole family, so your future generations still have a beautiful world around them?


Firstly, take your reusable bags shopping because 1 million sea creatures a year die due to plastic bags and other plastics being thrown into the sea. There is a 3.5 million ton pile of rubbish, known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, floating somewhere between San Francisco and Hawaii. It is twice the size of Texas and is 80% plastic.


Next, get rid of energy ghosts. These are the amounts of electricity that are still consumed by an electronic appliance when it is turned off or on standby, and the Environmental Defence Fund say that 65% of pollution attributed to global warming (or climate change) comes from generation of energy and its use. By understanding your energy use with online tools, or getting some ‘smart stips’ to manage it, you could cut down your energy bill by up to 20%, just by cutting out the ghosts of energy past.


When it comes to water, ban the bottle in your home. According to National Geographic, 17 million gallons of crude oil is used on an annual basis to produce plastic bottles, which is equivalent to filling up 25% of one bottle with oil each time. Further, the Container Recycling Institute and estimate that 22 billion water bottles end up in landfills every year, with only 1 in 6 getting recycled, and Environmental Working Group’s scientific study on bottled water vs. tap water showed that bottled water contains disinfection by-products, fertilizer residue and pain medication. Why not try a water purification system instead?


Finally, buy less and recycle more. How many things do you buy and realise you don’t actually need them? Ask yourself if you really need it before you buy it, and whether you might already have something else you can use instead. This will save you money and the junk you throw away. Also, buy in bulk or less excessively packaged items to help the planet and recycle where you can. Last of all, reduce your carbon footprint with locally produced items, and this way you can boost your local economy as well.

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