The history and meaning of the Chakra system

The seven Chakra system has come to be very familiar to those with even a passing interest in New Age culture. Most people believe that the Chakra philosophy is derived from ancient Hindu culture, but it is likely that the Chakras were originally detailed by the ancient Ethiopians and Egyptians; making the knowledge of them even more ancient than the Vedas. Though we cannot speak with certainty of the historical truth of the matter, it seems likely that the original knowledge of the Chakras came down from Mount Meruin Tanzania, and later traveled East with the Aryans in to India.

The Chakras are the energy centres of the human astral body, which work in close relation to physical centres. Though there are literally hundreds of them, seven main Chakras form the reference of the modern understanding. In actual fact, the Chakras of the ancient system correspond to nerve centres and glands present in modern anatomy. The difference is only that they were originally discovered by intuition, rather than surgical investigation.

The seven vital energy centres are thought of as wheels (Chakras). The wheels in question connect to a larger network of energy that travels around the body. The Chakra sites, or wheels, are like mini-dams which can allow a healthy and free flow of energy through, or if in bad working order can actually block it. The energy network in question is made up of Nadis, which are basically the astral nerve network. The pathways of the Nadis approximately match the nervous system, but are thought of as being the pathways of consciousness and vital energy instead of physical functioning. Yoga and other Eastern meditative practices work intentionally on opening up the Nadis, and it is this work that can lead to spiritual enlightenment.

Each of the seven chakras provides a strong link between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human being. They are an excellent starting point for systems of complementary health as ensuring their health gives a foundation of wellness to the whole individual. It is well worth seeing a qualified therapist for a Chakra reading, to see if your astral network contains a weakness that could easily be corrected. When you become aware of your personal Chakra needs, you are better informed to be able to choose an appropriate complementary practice. This allows you to ensure your lasting wellbeing.

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