The Differences an Upbringing Can Make

We’re all different, that goes without saying. We all like a different variety of things and we’ll do that in different ways. We’ll all work different jobs and live different lives and most strikingly of all, we’ve all come from somewhere different. It’s upbringings which can really set us apart from each other as they tend to define our initial way of looking at the world and just how we interact with it and then develop from it as we get older.
There are all sorts of factors which go into defining an upbringing and it would be absolutely impossible to list them all. Some of the most important differences which you’ll find between one childhood and another are in the level of familial affluence (wealth), just who the parental figures are, where the child is raised and whether the child is brought up with siblings or not. I hasten to add there are a great many more factors but it’s these which hold the most weight as far as science is concerned.

It’s been shown in a recent study that kids from lower income households and single parent or reconstituted families have very slightly worse health and are more prone to conditions like asthma and eczema than their peers. What this means is unclear at the moment but it could lead to advances in targeted healthcare for those kids and make sure they have a better standard of living and are less likely to suffer from severe asthma in the long run.

Though there was a slight difference it wasn’t as much as researchers thought it would be and as such, they’re looking for other potential explanations. The factors they’ve used aren’t things which families have any control over and as such there’s very little which they can do beyond look after their kids as best they can and ensure their lives are happy and their upbringings are balanced. The factors that go towards the contraction and advancement of asthma are not seen as linked to income though there are many studies which have aimed to prove there is a correlation there.

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