The Five Main Triggers of Asthma Attacks

There are five main factors which can trigger an asthmatic attack and as such be avoided or at least prepared for by asthma sufferers. Remember if you can’t avoid the factor then make sure you’ve got your inhaler on you at all times to allow quick recovery from an attack.

  1. Depression. This is often caused because of long periods of emotional stress. Stress in itself has the potential to turn into an asthma attack and should be avoided where it can be. In cases of severe depression where a patient spends long periods of time in tears, immune systems may be disturbed along with the functioning of lungs and their ability to get oxygen into the body. Without the right amount of oxygen the chances of an asthma attack rise exponentially
  2. Infections of the throat or lungs. Any obstruction or inflammation in this areas can boost the chances of respiratory issues which include asthmatic attacks
  3. Allergens. These are a big one and cover everything from dust to pollen. Taking precautions when entering dusty environments or going out in the summer or springtime will be necessary to avoid the damage that allergens could do you. They provoke an allergic reaction which causes inflammation and in turn leads to an asthma attack.
  4. Chemicals. Again a broad one. This includes things like smoking, vehicle fumes, general pollution and paint. Chemicals can be very harsh on our lungs and should be avoided where possible, always make sure you carry your inhaler in areas of built up traffic as it will be impossible to avoid exposure to chemicals in these areas.
  5. Climate. A flux in the climate can set our immune systems into disarray and in doing so leave us much more open to an asthmatic attack.

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