Ouch! 5 Things That Cause Sensitive Teeth



Experiencing pain because of sensitive teeth is not a fun experience. At the same time, some may be puzzled as to why they have sensitive teeth. Whether one asks the Kucey Dental Group, or any other professional, here are some things that can cause teeth to become sensitive and painful.


Acidic Foods

Eating acidic food can be one of the biggest causes of sensitive teeth. As time wears on, tomatoes, juices and other types of acidic food can take a toll on tooth enamel. After the enamel has eroded, the next layer is exposed to the acid. This layer, which is known to professionals as dentin, is tender and sensitive as compared to enamel. Therefore, it reacts badly to acidic foods, but also to hot, cold, sour and sweet sensations.


Grinding Action

Some people love to grind their teeth, and as they do so, they grind away the enamel. This grinding opens up the dentin to be exposed, but it is important to note that dentin is connected to tubes within the teeth that are hollow and are connected to nerves that can be extremely sensitive to certain foods. Stopping the grinding of teeth is a decent start to protecting enamel.


Mouthwash Overuse

While mouthwash is a fantastic tool against bad breath, overuse of this product can be a cause of sensitive teeth. Some of the items found in mouthwash may contain acids. When overused, these acids within the mouthwash can inflict pain every time it is used because the teeth react to the mouthwash.


Extra Brushing

Brushing is good, but it can take a bad turn when an individual uses hard bristles or brushes too hard over a period of time. Hard brushing or stiff bristles can begin to pull gums away from the roots of the teeth. Not only that, but it can also wear away tooth enamel. After this occurs, teeth can be extremely touchy in terms of what it experiences.


There are numerous whitening agents that can be purchased at a local discount store, but the bleaching ingredients can cause teeth to become sensitive. At the same time, whitening solutions can affect people differently. Usually, the sensitive sensation can go away when the whitening agent is no longer in use.


Although people may have sensitive teeth, refraining from the activities already mentioned can be quite beneficial. Visiting with a dental professional can help as well. A special gel can do wonders in providing beneficial relief.


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