How to Identify Dangerous Insect Bites


Insect bites are a normal part of life, and most people are only mildly bothered by them. A mosquito bite is a common source of summer irritation, and though bedbugs are frustrating, their bites alone have not been shown to be dangerous. However, once in a great while, an insect bite can be dangerous, especially if the victim is a child or someone who has a compromised immune system. So, how can you tell when an insect bite is dangerous?




Many of the insect bites we receive are venomous. However, most of the time, the venom is simply so weak,or administered in such small quantities,that it only creates a rash or a tiny bump. However, when you experience nausea, either immediately following the bug bite or shortly thereafter, this could a sign that the bite might be dangerous and worth a visit to the doctor’s office.



Bull’s Eye Mark

Most ticks are harmless, but some do carry Lyme disease, which is a very serious condition. One of the most common signs of Lyme disease is the bull’s eye mark, which is a round red patch over the bite itself and a secondary ring that surrounds the bite. If you see this mark, make sure you see a medical professional as soon as possible.



Continuing Pain and Rawness

Most insect bites involve a quick moment of discomfort, followed up with perhaps a bit of itching. If you experience anything beyond this, it may be a sign that something else is going on. Some dangerous spider bites continue to hurt, and the site of the bite itself stays raw and irritated.



Breathing Issues

Some insect bites actually create breathing issues. Typically, this happens right after the bite occurs, but it can happen a few hours later as well. If you have experienced any kind of breathing issue after a bite, go to the doctor’s at once. This is a serious symptom which can indicate fatal complications and should be taken seriously.



Calling an Exterminator

Most of the insects who come into the home are harmless, if irritating. However, there are insects that are dangerous or can be to the wrong person. This is why the experts at PestFree Pest Control, serving Lakewood, Lynnwood and Kirkland, WA recommend that homeowners hire an exterminator for regular inspections. A skilled and experienced exterminator can make sure that your home is protected from serious infestations, and he or she can help you identify the different insects that might be a problem in your home.




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