Hair Loss in Women: How to Feel Like You Again

What does being ‘well’ mean to you? For most of us it is a feeling of being free of illness, of feeling as though we have nothing that ails us either mentally or physically.

As an integral part of our identity our hair plays a definitely role in our feeling of wellness. It defines who we are and even plays a part in protecting our scalp and shielding us from the sun. When hair loss occurs it can have an immediate effect on our sense of wellbeing.

If you have been affected this all too common condition, read on for the best ways to really regain your sense of wellness and feel like ‘you’ again.

Learning to Accept Hair Loss
This is a loaded subject, because there may be people who never actually accept their hair loss. Perhaps accepting hair loss means learning to live with it, or finding ways to cope with it.

Whatever your take on it, it’s important to first consider the condition that is causing your hair loss. This may well have an effect on your perspective on it.

Are you losing your hair due to a temporary situation such as chemotherapy or as a result of another medication? Or, is your hair loss part of the natural aging process?

Consider whether you can reasonably expect your hair to grow back after a certain period of time or if this is something you will live with forever.

It is always good to take the time to fully research the condition that is causing your hair loss- for some this may mean having a deep conversation with their doctor. Others, after having a definitive diagnosis, may choose to read books on the subject or spend hours browsing on the internet.

You may also consider visiting a therapist or psychologist to help you work through the emotional aspects of losing your hair- this can be a powerful tool in your journey towards accepting your hair loss.

Focus on your Appearance
Appearances do matter, and losing your hair is a significant reminder of this. Now is the time to see what it is that will make you feel beautiful during this time of life!

Don’t be afraid to face yourself in the mirror. You can:

  • Embrace your bare head. If it’s not too cold and you feel comfortable, making peace with your hairless appearance can be extremely empowering.
  • Try on colorful scarves and hats. Aside from keeping your head warm, they easy to wear and can be matched to your clothing according to your mood. You can even layer a scarf on beneath a hat for extra warmth.
  • Discover wigs. Many of us may have never dreamed of wearing a wig, but when it comes to looking like your old self there may be nothing better. You can go for a wig that matches your normal hair or try a new style, maybe even the hair you’ve always wanted!

*Once you delve into the world of wigs you’ll see that there are several significant differences between synthetic and human hair wigs, and that the prices for the two options do vary widely.

Feeling like yourself during hair loss is not an easy process but there are ways to cope and to make the experience much more comfortable. If you’ve been there before and you have any helpful tips, please share them with our readers!


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