6 Amazingly Simple Ways to Ease Dental Anxiety


Going to the dentist is never fun, but for some it is more than just an unpleasant sit in a chair. Many individuals have to deal with fear and anxiety when going to the dentist. There can be several reasons for it, a bad experience during childhood, or simply just having hands and sharp objects thrown inside the mouth. Either way, it is something that has to be overcome.Here are several simple ways to do it.


Talk to the Dentist

Discussing any fears with a dentist beforehand can really make a difference. If a dentist knows about a patient’s anxiety, they will be able to assist with their fears. The best kind of dentist, such as Dr. Bryan Murray, will take the time to explain every procedure before going forward as well as give their patient warnings before entering the mouth.


Bring a Friend

If someone is nervous, bringing a friend or family member along may help ease their mind. If it is allowed, someone can sit in the office in order to be available to the patient suffering from anxiety. A simple hand hold or hearing a familiar voice can be a great way to ease fear and anxiety.


Find a Distraction

If someone has a fear of things poking around in their mouth, the best thing to do is think about something else. If the patient can find a television or something interesting to look at that will capture their focus that can be a big help. Bringing along some personal headphones to listen to music can also be a helpful distraction.


Practice Relaxation

Before going to the dentist, individuals who suffer from anxiety would be wise to practice relaxation techniques. If they can practice breathing slowly through the nose while lying back, they will have a better chance of using those skills while in the dentist chair. Other techniques could include closing the eyes, twiddling thumbs or even counting sheep.


Carry Some Comfort

It may seem a bit childish, but carrying a comfort item can really ease a lot of anxiety. Several people may bring along a stuffed animal, but another great item is some form of stress ball. Since these are made for squeezing hard, they are perfect for holding while at the dentist’s office.


Develop a Signal

Some individuals simply cannot take the longer periods that a dentist has to be in their mouth. It can feel difficult to breathe at times which may develop into a panic attack. Instead of just trying to endure the anxiety, patients should talk to their dentist and develop some form of a sign that means they need a quick break. It may be a longer overall process, but it will develop trust as well as ease and comfort.


Going to the dentist can be stressful, but with a few easy methods, the stress can lighten so that the teeth can be taken care of.



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