Fast Food Poses Even More Danger. Kids Should Avoid It

Everybody knows that fast food isn’t good for them. It’s been a long time since anyone thought otherwise and even the fast food companies themselves have given up on insinuating their own level of health. They’re a guilty pleasure of which we’ll all partake in, I’m sure, but they’re a rare treat and should stay that way. Anything more will damage your wellness in such a broad set of ways that I won’t even start to try and list them all, just take my advice and steer clear eating fast food regularly. Once a month is fine, once a fortnight too perhaps but anything more could be catastrophic, especially to your kids.

In a vast study which involved 319,000 13 to 14 year old’s across 51 countries in the developed world, another danger in excessive consumption of fast food was recently discovered. For those that ate at fast food restaurants three or more times a week, there were some considerable ramifications. Firstly the rare of asthma and eczema contraction went way up, meaning it was far more likely that these kids would get the chronic conditions. For those that already had them the frequency of attacks and outburst increased dramatically and the severity of those attacks got much worse too.

Doctors recommend ensuring your children aren’t eating in these establishments nearly as often. Using them as the occasional treat can be a great motivator for kids but anything more is dangerous. Not only in the sense of the asthma and eczema but also in terms of drastic weight gain and all the health concerns which that can eventually bring about. Kids need a balance and healthy diet and they’re not going to get one of those at a fast food restaurant.  Avoid them where you can and remember, that balance is imperative for kids who grow up healthy and well-adjusted.

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