Vitamin D Can Help You Avoid Respiratory Tract Infections

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin – we get most of our supply from our exposure to the sun. We have known for a long time that vitamin D is very important for us. Research has shown that adequate levels of vitamin D can help ward off arthritis, provide strong bones and numerous other benefits to your wellbeing. But a new study has revealed that might be an additional reason to sing the praises of this vitamin.

Researchers at Karolinska Institute and Karolinska University Hospital published the new study in the online scientific journal BMJ Open. The study revealed that treating patients who are prone to infection with high doses of vitamin D over a 12-month period significantly reduced their risk of developing respiratory tract infections. Consequently, it also reduced the patients’ need to take antibiotics.

The research has implications for patients who are naturally prone to infections or have a compromised immune system. However, the research did not suggest that high doses of vitamin D have any effect on preventing infections for people with a healthy immune system. Previous studies have shown, however, that low levels of vitamin D can make anyone more prone to infections.

The researchers for this study examined 140 participants who had symptoms of disease in their respiratory tracts for at least 42 days prior to the study. The patients were then divided into two groups at random. One group was given the vitamin D, while the other was given a placebo. The results showed that for the patients in the treatment group, symptoms of respiratory tract infection declined by almost a quarter and the use of antibiotics by almost half. It’s also notable that none of showed major side effects from the high levels of vitamin D involved.

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