The Dark Truth Of Vitamins And Minerals

There is a long standing debate over whether vitamin and mineral supplements are good or bad for us. As with most things that answer is not simple. Many different scientific studies have produced negative and positive results when testing for a variety of outcomes from the use of these nutrient pills. It is quite commonly held, however, that many people take excessive levels of vitamins without really knowing what they do to the body.

One of the most popular supplements in vitamin B. It is supposed to keep the blood and nerve cells healthy and ensure that general wellbeing is high. Fish oil is also commonly taken as it is said to have cardiovascular and brain-functioning benefits, along with the ability to prevent arthritis. There are many other options all with different claimed health benefits. It’s even estimated that over 50 percent on the United States population take at least one supplement every day.

Multivitamins are one of the most highly sought after. As the name suggests, they place several vitamins all into one pill. Of course, it is important if you are going to take multivitamins, to ensure you’re buying the one that is aimed at your age group. People need different levels of nutrients depending on their age.

We get many of our vitamins and minerals from our food – especially fruit and vegetables. Even though many people do not get enough greenery in their diet, in general vitamin and mineral deficiencies are quite rare. It is actually becoming more of an issue that people are overloading themselves with nutrients, which can be highly damaging to the liver.

If you are interesting in taking multivitamin tablets you should make sure you look for one that does not contain over the daily recommended intake of each of the vitamins and minerals. This can be very important for your long-term health.

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