The Problems Of Excessive Use Of Vitamin Supplements

We have a tendency to sometimes think of vitamin supplements as being universally a positive thing for our health and wellbeing. But many people who take vitamin supplements may not really know what’s in them and what it is doing to their body. Vitamins are often consumed carelessly when there is evidence mounting up that excessive consumption of vitamins could be damaging to us.

Bodybuilders and athletes are famous for taking vitamin and mineral supplements. This has spread to almost everyone in society with an estimated half of the population taking at least one supplement every day. But keeping track of what you are consuming is essential because of the many dangers involved.

What can overdoses of vitamins do?

Taking too much of any vitamin can cause serious problems. Let’s look at what some overdoses can do to you.

An overdose of vitamin B1 can lead to drowsiness, while taking an excessive amount of B3 will cause liver damage. Vitamin B5 leads to diarrhoea and nausea when taken in high doses and vitamin B6 can cause nerve damage.

Vitamin C has been linked to a higher risk of cancer and can also cause stomach aches. Vitamin E in high doses can cause heart failure. Vitamin A, which is a component of strong bones, can actually have the opposite effect if you take too much. And vitamin D can cause high blood pressure.

What is clear is that taking too much of anything can be bad for you – even if you originally where taking it to improve your health. You should always consult a doctor before beginning taking new supplements to see if you really need them. Excessive consumption of vitamins can lead to a whole catalogue of problems so for the sake of your wellbeing you should avoid them.

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