How Can These Seven Smart Ways Help You to Lose Weight?

Weight loss isn’t easy; it’s a discipline. It requires you to consider a number of wellness areas, such as what you eat and how much, to how stressed you are and how much sleep you’re getting. The goal of weight loss should always involve looking after your wellbeing in some way, and there are seven smart ways that can help you do it.

Firstly, exercise is paramount to your wellness, as well as efficient weight loss, so make sure you fit it into your schedule. You may want to use being too busy as an excuse, but you won’t get the results you want based on dieting alone so specifically set aside time to walk, run, or do cardio or aerobics, and then do it!

Also, reduce the number of fats, sodium, calories and chemicals you consume by avoiding processed foods altogether. Next, even ‘diet’ beverages add unnecessary calories and make you crave food even more so grab a glass of water instead, and make hot drinks at home to minimise the calories you would have piled on from large, frothy lattes.

Fourthly, you should be adding fruits and vegetables to every meal, as even your five-a-day isn’t sufficient if you really want to lose weight. Try adding apple slices to your breakfast, carrot sticks to lunch and pile on the green vegetables at dinnertime. Speaking of which, make sure you regulate your portion sizes as even the odd extra spoonful can add up quickly. Learn the portion requirements of your weight loss plan and stick to them. It may be helpful to use smaller plates.

Next, swap your unhealthy snacks for ones that will actually work with your metabolism and digestion, like a low-fat yogurt or a handful of almonds. Look at your snacks like they are dietary aids, rather than small indulgences and this can really speed up the weight loss process. Finally, if you’re a comfort eater, find a new way of dealing with stress as leaning on food will only derail your efforts. Instead, look to exercise, music, meditation or reading to achieve better weight loss results, as not only will it reduce the number of calories you consume, but also the extra stress you feel after guiltily munching on comfort food.

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