The Three Most Important Vitamins And Where To Find them

We all know that we need a certain amount of vitamins and minerals to survive. Some of us will even know what those minerals and vitamins are called and where we can find them. For the most you’ll rely on supplements to maintain the proper diet and while it may be easier to see your weekly intake of minerals and vitamins in pill form, this can be ruinously expensive and easily forgotten. Not getting this intake can be dangerous so what’s your solution?

Well how about you take a step back and think again about getting certain foods into your diet. We’ve made a list of the most important vitamins and just where you can most commonly find those vitamins in day-to-day foods and drinks.

  1. Vitamin A
    Important for the skin, vitamin A helps to keep it tight and nourished while working to prevent inflammation throughout the body. This is the most important vitamin for anti-ageing.
    Orange coloured foods tend to be rich in Vitamin A. Carrots and sweet potatoes will be the most commonly available sources of vitamin A. Try have a baked sweet potato for dinner, or carrot and swede soup.
  2. Vitamin B
    This vitamin is the most important for your energy levels and weight. It helps maintain your metabolism which has a massive effect on your relative levels of energy and how much you can eat or drink before you start to fain weight.
    Chicken, bananas, tuna, prawns, sardines and salmon are chock full of the different B vitamins. A tuna salad for lunch or a banana as a health mid-morning snack can be a great way to make sure you get your vitamin B.
  3. Vitamin C
    The prime component to your immune system, vitamin C will help you kill off that pesky common cold and it could also help you to fight off some cancers according to certain studies.
    Though you might consider oranges to be the best source of vitamin C, kiwi fruit and papaya are actually much richer sources of the vitamins. These two fruit offer about three times the vitamin C you need in a day, so it’s easier to get your vitamin C here than in a pill!

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