I Must Confess, Less Stress Is Simply The Bes(t)

Stress is a massively damaging factor in our lives. Or at least, it can be if we let it. It’s a condition which affects mainly those who don’t make time for themselves. This can come about for all sorts of different reasons, the most common of which are hectic family lives or hectic work lives. Though most of us will experience some degree of stress at one time or another, those who suffer it all the time for a long period of time are actually putting their health and wellbeing at risk.

There are wide variety of different ways you can help reduce stress in your life. The following is a short list of what we think is the most effective:

–       Take regular exercise. If you’re spending all day behind a desk this can be great to stop you from developing any pain in your neck and back but it’ll also help to relax you. Make sure what you decide to try isn’t too strenuous, yoga is ideal.

–       Enjoy eating. We often rush through meals but making sure to give yourself a little bit of extra time to savour your food and just be can help to relax you in the middle of a stressful day!

–       Time Alone is time Alone. Isolate yourself away from your phone or social media, just for a little time every day. Sometimes half an hour to sit and go over the day can be incredibly therapeutic and help you make decisions which while over-stressed you may mess up.

–       Massages. Obviously not everyone can afford or has the time to attend a professional masseur but I’m sure there are plenty of people in your life who wouldn’t mind giving your shoulders a rub at the end of the long day.

–       Play Every Day. Life isn’t a slow decent into old age. It’s there to be lived and enjoyed and you should be making time to enjoy yourself and do something which you want to do every single day, or what’s the point?

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