Choosing The Right Body Building Supplements

If you choose to enjoy the benefits of body building there are many supplements available to help you bulk up, increase muscle tone and muscle density. You don’t need these supplements but they can go a long way in helping you achieve your goals. There are many types of supplements available on the market today, but here we concern ourselves only with the most beneficial, in terms of the positive reports body builders have given themselves.

The most important line of products are the all-round vitamin, mineral and protein supplements known as Meal Replacement Powders (MRPs). These contain all the essential proteins, carbohydrates and fatty acids to help build you up. The powder should be mixed with water and used as a supplement between meals during the day rather than replacing your main diet. As the sachets contain a lot of powder most experienced body builders split a sachet and consume it in two halves during the day. The next best supplement after your MRP intake is a protein that builds you up quickly.

The best source of protein is whey powder which has been analysed to form a far better source of protein than egg white or soya. Whey powder is already partly digested, which means your body will absorb the protein extremely quickly. Therefore, it is best to take this with water early in the morning or directly after training.  Whey isolate is a concentrated version of the more commonly taken whey concentrate powder. Isolate is supposed to be more effective due to all the extra protein it contains, however, experts suggest that the excess protein you get from the basic concentrate product is more than sufficient for anyone’s needs. You can also take more slow burning proteins like casein, soya protein or wheat at night with milk. This will help gradually release the required proteins for exercise the following morning and the next day. Pea protein can be used by vegans and vegetarian body builders with good effect and, as with most protein shakes, they should be consumed between meals. Once you have organised your protein intake you will need to find the right source of energy to help build you up.

Malltodextrin provides large amounts of energy and is therefore the best solution for you as an energy source. However, you should always keep your wellbeing first in mind and read the instructions carefully in order to maintain the delicate balance of energy, proteins, minerals and carbohydrates. Weight gain products are not usually recommended unless you are very thin and new to body building or an experienced trainer. This supplement should only include about 600 calories – you don’t need any more than that, in fact any more could affect your wellness by increasing your weight too much. These are the main supplements for body building, but remember these supplements should not in any way replace your daily intake of food.


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