How To Navigate The Weight Loss Minefield

The weight loss industry is a minefield of pseudo-scientific advice and anecdotal evidence often used irresponsibly just for the sake of marketing. After all, it is rare that people magically lose weight and keep it off in the long-term. Most of the products have little or no hard facts pertaining to their success, and of course there is a lot of conflicting evidence.

First of all, having a few extra pounds may be a physical problem like incorrect functioning of your thyroid, which should be checked out by your doctor. You should take a Body Mass Index (BMI) test to see what weight you should be for your size and bone density. This is a very important step as some people who may look bigger than others are not actually over weight at all. After you have identified your ideal weight and established whether there are any physiological problems, you can move on to the next stage. The bottom line is you don’t need any hyped up product or sensational strategy to be the right weight for your body’s structure, it’s all a question of your state of mind and lifestyle choices.

Weight gain may well be associated with a psychological issue like feeling the need for comfort and satisfying that by eating, something may not even be conscious of. These underlying issues need to dealt with first, because if they are not resolved no weight loss programme will stop you returning to the same emotional eating pattern. The way you eat also makes a difference to your weight. Adopt a habit of ‘mindful eating’, where you eat consciously and chew each mouthful at least 30-40 times to help your stomach digest the food effectively. Remove fatty foods, especially fried food, and opt for unprocessed fresh fruit and vegetables. Natural food will give you the energy you need, and processed foods are now known to carry a risk of cancer among other wellness issues. Fresh fruit and vegetables in conjunction with a balanced diet of carbohydrates and protein from beans and nuts will give you a great boost and significantly improve your wellbeing.

Most important if all, take regular physical exercise! It doesn’t matter if it’s just a little at first, as you can gradually build it up as you start to enjoy it and see the wellbeing effects in your daily life. It is the times when you feel lethargic and lacking in energy when you need to take action. It’s always best to go to a gym or health practitioner who will tell you what cardio-vascular exercise is best for you to start. Gentle exercise like walking for twenty minutes a day will help as long as it is quite fast walking. Essentially, the more strenuous the exercise the better, so get out and give yourself a good routine.

Keep to a programme of good food, a positive state of mind and regular cardio-vascular exercise and this will help your wellness long term, including weight loss. Lifestyle changes can understandably be difficult to maintain, so don’t punish yourself for failure but choose the best way for you to ensure consistency in your life. If you can stay positive and focused on your goal, you will be well on your way to losing weight naturally.


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