Using Supplements For Bodybuilding

The market for vitamins, minerals and supplements has exploded in the last decade. The value of supplements in the sports market alone is now worth $3.5 billion per year, in an industry growing at over ten per cent per year. The topic is also increasingly controversial within the wellbeing field, with an increasing number of wellness advocates calling for a return to naturopathy. Go to any vitamin store and check out the aisles for sport and workout supplements. You will see literally hundreds of products aimed at helping you build your body to the peak of its condition. The ‘supplement’ of the day seems to be changing by the moment and it is clear that this fashion won’t die down anytime soon. But, are sports supplements all that they’re claimed to be?

Anyone embarking on a fitness programme including supplements should be aware that the pills or powders they are taking are probably not backed up by scientific research. It is true that many claim proven benefits, but the fact is that little of this research has been subjected to the peer-reviewed research standards we usually expect of our medical products. Worse still, the supplement industry is virtually unregulated, meaning that you open yourself to the risk of irresponsible manufacturers selling you benign, or even damaging products.

Joseph Signorile, Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Sports Sciences at the University of Miami, offers valuable advice for sportspeople looking into the supplement market. He advises that any consideration of supplements should only take place after the individual has established a healthy exercise routine that incorporates decent rest periods and a healthy diet. Preferably, you will give your body the best nutrition possible in the form in which nature intended – food. Those who will be conducting a demanding physical routine may then consider adding supplements to their wellness routine. Though the enhanced needs of the body can justify the use of supplements such as protein for those conducting a strenuous bodybuilding practice, one should start slowly and carefully with any new supplement. It is important to closely observe how your body adapts to the change in nutrition, and adapt your use of supplements accordingly.


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