Using Protein For Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition appears to be a fine art, especially in the case of the enhanced need experienced by bodybuilders. Vitamins, minerals and supplements are now a fact of life for anyone with a serious gym routine, and can provide many wellbeing benefits to bodies experiencing regular exertion. The favoured wellness supplement for such uses is protein, thought to be essential for growing muscles while toning them at the gym. Of the many protein supplements available, whey protein supplements are a market favourite, and for good reason.

Whey protein supplements go by the official name of whey protein hydrolysates (WPH). Any understanding of how they work relies on comprehending the term hydrolysate, which gives every clue to the science involved. Hydrolysis is a chemical process whereby a substance is broken down into smaller units. So, protein hydrolysates are protein molecules and amino acids already broken down by a chemical process from the original source of protein. The nutritional value of such hydrolysates match that of the protein they came from, but the smaller molecules can be digested far quicker than their original material.

The reason for incorporating this supplement into your fitness routine is a simple mathematical fact. Briefly, the body needs to be in a positive protein balance in order to actually grow muscle. So, an extra source of protein is necessary, and it is vital that this is accompanied by amino acids to enable the metabolic process. Protein alone is not enough, but the mixture of hydrolysates and amino acids gives the body all the tools it needs to actually build muscle bulk after a workout. The best time for taking such a supplement is straight after your workout, when the body’s metabolic process is at its peak. In order to maximize the chance to build muscle, a quickly absorbed method of protein intake pays dividends.

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