Vitamin-Rich Foods You Haven’t Thought Of

Too many of us turn straight to the vitamins, minerals and supplements aisle of the supermarket instead of sourcing our nutrition from fresh, natural food. The body always experiences some strain in digesting supplements; after all, food is nature’s intended way of delivering the vital nutrients for survival. Prioritise your wellness and get acquainted with the ten best vitamin-rich foods, saving you a fortune on supplements.


Arame – A common feature of Japanese cuisine, arame seaweed is literally overflowing with vitamins and minerals. Find it in the ethnic section of your local supermarket.


Grape juice – Well known for containing polyphenols and immune-boosting vitamin C, this delicious juice is excellent for detoxification as well as the health of your circulatory system.


Marmite – An addition that might be surprising to some, this British favourite is an excellent source of B vitamins. Marmite makes an ideal dietary addition to vegetarians and vegans, as it sources its nutrition from yeast.


Kimchi – Good news for lovers of Asian cuisine – the traditional Korean dish of fermented cabbage and chilli is packed with vitamins A, C and B as well as minerals.


Red Grapefruit – Too often overlooked in favour of other citrus fruits, e.g. grapefruit provides an excellent source of vitamin C and is known to have anti-cholesterol properties.


Turnip Greens – Perhaps they’re not known as a culinary favourite, but turnips should be given pride of place in any healthy diet. Containing a unique combination of vitamins contributing to cardiovascular health, turnip greens are also known to promote male sexual functioning.


Olives – An excellent source of antioxidants such as vitamin E, olives are a great way to promote heart health and fight inflammation. Vegetarians should pay particular attention to this one – just one serving of olives can provide 25% of your recommended daily allowance of iron.


Purslane – Usually known as a weed, purslane is actually the best plant source for omega-3 fatty acids. It also contains vitamins A, C and B6, as well as numerous minerals.


Mushrooms – A favourite of Traditional Chinese Medicine for their cancer-fighting properties, mushrooms also contain vitamins A, C and B6, as well as Potassium and Fibre.


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