Subconscious/Conscious: We’re All The Products Of Childhood

Relationships, be they sexual or otherwise, are tricky things which need almost constant tending and care. They can be the most important and valuable things in our live and they can also be the most damaging. We never open ourselves as much as we do with the people we love and for that reason they’ve got a great deal of power over us. People we don’t know or care about can say what they like, their words hold no weight but when someone you care about says a bad word or two about you, it can cut you to your very core. Trust is the most important thing in a relationship for this very reason, we have to trust that the people we love won’t use their power to hurt us.

A recent study has shown that those of us who’ve had a healthy childhood in terms of relationships can better handle relationships later in life. So, if you’ve had a good family life and you’ve got on well with siblings and parents then you’re going to be able to better understand the intricacies of relationships as you grow. Marriages will be easier for you and you’ll better be able to handle having a partner, it won’t be such a struggle to be with someone for you.

There’s a lot that we learn subconsciously which doesn’t even register on a conscious level at any point. We might not even think about how and why we react to things the way we do but the trust is that the smallest aspects of our childhoods alter the way we are on every level. It’s sometimes hard to see it but we’re all very much products of our upbringing and all of our upbringings are completely different. In that sense siblings who grew up in the same household will be totally different and react to other people differently as their upbringings, though similar, will not be the same.

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