How Can Vitamins Give You ACE Cold And Flu Treatment?

Though the days are starting to get a little bit longer, and you’re not leaving for work in the dark anymore, winter has not quite left us yet. With the cold weather has come a flurry of cold and flu cases that has affected the wellbeing of people across the country, with many people being admitted to hospital for these conditions. So how do you fight the flu, and prevent a trip to the hospital yourself? According to recent research, vitamins and minerals, whether from supplements or food, are the best treatment for flu, but which ones are the best for your wellness?

Firstly, vitamin A is a great weapon in the fight against flu as it is a natural anti-viral agent. Flu is a respiratory tract disease that is caused by a virus, and the skin lining under your respiratory tract acts as a barrier to prevent your body from being attacked by the virus. Vitamin A ensures that this barrier works properly by maintaining the levels of white blood cells in your blood, which enhances your body’s immune system. For this reason, vitamin A also helps to fight other infections, and recent research recommends that you take 700 to 900 mcg of vitamin A to treat flu. The best sources of Vitamin A are Spinach, sweet potatoes, eggs and mangoes, or else you can take it in supplement form.

You’ve probably guessed that vitamin C is also in this list, as it is well-known that consuming vitamin C during flu lessens the duration of the disease. The ascorbic acid that vitamin C provides helps to boost your immune system’s functionality, and the vitamin also has healing properties in case of throat infection. As it dissolves in water, your body cannot store vitamin C so you need to take up to 60mg every day to treat flu, and the best sources of this, other than supplementation, are citrus fruits.

Finally, vitamin E can be used to treat flu as it is a ‘natural viral’ killer. It fights germs and other harmful foreign elements in your body, by increasing your levels of B cells. Among the other benefits of vitamin E, the B cells that it boosts grow the antibodies which destroy the bacteria of flu, and you need to intake 60 to 100mg of vitamin E to treat the flu virus. The best non-supplement sources of Vitamin E are vegetable oil and grains. If you are considering supplements, remember to first consult your doctor.


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