The Kitchen Supplies Your Hair Will Love You For

Vitamins, minerals and supplements are a mainstream part of our dietary planning these days. However, in all the talk of their benefits for fighting cancer and strengthening immune functioning, we tend to focus on the internal and forget about the external. Where beauty issues are concerned, vitamins are also the most important items on your shopping list, and the right nutrients can mean so much more than the latest innovation in hair products. For top hair wellness, check out our list of essential dietary supplements.

Vitamin E – An excellent anti-oxidant, vitamin E improves blood circulation to the scalp, which directly stimulates the hair follicles, promoting growth. Consume this vitamin internally in the form of supplements, or directly to the scalp. Almond oil provides an excellent source of vitamin E, and can be massaged directly into the scalp.

Vitamin B Complex – Any problems regarding excess hair loss may indicate a deficiency in vitamin B6. This mealanin-producing vitamin is vital for healthy hair growth as well as anti-ageing. The best way to ensure your hair gets enough of it is to make a mask using egg yolk. Combine the yolks of two eggs with a little henna powder and apply every fortnight to ensure well-nourished hair.

Vitamin C – Another key antioxidant to ensure beautiful hair right down to the wellbeing of the cuticle. Citrus or sour fruits like Indian gooseberry are ideal sources of this rich vitamin which is sure to penetrate every strand of hair. Try a home-made mask using lemon and orange rind.

Biotin – This vitamin is responsible for the formation of keratin; a substance that forms the very building-blocks of your hair. Those with fragile or breakable hair would be well-served by taking this vitamin from milk products. Use natural yoghurt or cream for a transformative home-made hair mask.

With dietary supplements, the number one way of getting them into your system is to eat them! After all, what else did nature intend? When approaching hair health, first ensure that your diet contains a full range of nutrients, preferably taken from food. The very same foods that are so vital in your diet can also be used externally to transform your hair. Eggs, fruit and milk are immediately available and so much more natural than laboratory-made hair products.



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