An Easy Way To Fight The Common Cold

At this time of year the common cold can become a massive burden. Some people are very lucky and never seem to be affected by this nasty bug but for others it’s a perpetually recurring feature of their winters every single year. It’s not a dangerous condition on its own and even at its very worst you’re not going to suffer overly. The issue is how hard it can make the rest of your life. If you have to work while feeling fatigued and generally run down then you’re not going to be working at your best. You’ll be slower and it’ll seem like much more of a challenge than it ever would have before.

The common cold isn’t going to be a condition which is ever effectively cured. Every time doctors work out a way of dealing with one strain, it mutates and the treatment is no longer effective. Over the counter medications deal with the symptoms of a condition as opposed to the condition itself, meaning you can ease the worst of it but not actually cure it.

For a long time the recommendation has been to boost your immune system and specialists recommended doing this through the use of vitamin C and Echinacea. Though vitamin C is great for upping your immune system and preventing a lot of bugs it’s not so good for colds. Recent studies have shown that its effects in this area are minimal or non-existent. So what’s the best way of avoiding a cold this winter?

Zinc has been shown to have a very positive effect on those suffering from colds. It makes it less likely for a patient to contract one in the first place and it also makes the condition much shorter lived in general. Symptoms pass easier and you’re going to be stuck with that cold for a lot less time!

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