The Importance Of Potassium For Your Heart Health

devices and heart surgeryWe’re constantly being told what we should eat less of. Less fat, less salt, less carbohydrates the list goes on and on. There’s so much that we can’t have that it’s often difficult to work out what we can have. Some groups will tell you tell you that you should have a lot of one thing and another will tell you the exact opposite. We know that as a general rule, the more processed food is the worse it is for you. Natural, fresh foods tend to be better for us and contain a wider variety of the nutrients which we need to get by.

One thing which we need more of in our diets, according to American researchers, is potassium. This mineral has been shown to have a powerful effect when it comes to lowering blood pressure. Having a generally lower blood pressure can improve your heart health, cutting the risk of blood disease and stroke. With one of the main issues in the USA today being obesity and with one of obesity’s deadliest factors being complications of the heart, it would make sense to try to eat more potassium rich foods.

Where do you get your potassium from? There are lots of different foods which contain potassium but those which are most enriched with it are beans and peas. These two foods have such a high content than just a couple of servings a week can give you all you need. If these aren’t your thing then why not try spinach, cabbage or parsley? These vegetables aren’t as rich in the mineral but they have a high enough level of it to make it worth eating them. In terms of fruit, banana’s, papayas and dates have a high quantity in them! Try and bring as many of these foods into your diet as you can and see if you can feel the difference!

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