New Study Offers Breakthrough In Arthritis Battle

Can Reducing Chronic Inflammation Prevent ArthritisA new study into the treatment of arthritis suggests that there may be a new treatment that will offer hope to millions of people across the world currently suffering with painful rheumatoid arthritis. A powerful infusion of cells which regulates the immune system helps to stop inflammation in the joint and surrounding tissues, which can help reduce the pain associated with the condition. Tests showed that even weeks after the injection was given, the arthritic process was slowed significantly – this is thanks to the low dose of methotrexate which is currently administered as a treatment for arthritis.


Researchers believe that with further study, they could prevent the condition from setting in completely. This study offers a great deal of hope in the field of autoimmune diseases, of which arthritis is one – autoimmune conditions work by causing the body to attack healthy cells, thus destroying them. Currently osteoarthritis affects around 8.5 million people in the UK alone, with 700,000 people affected by rheumatoid arthritis.


Arthritis is a condition which causes the joints to become inflamed, which causes pain and can be extremely debilitating in severe cases. There are some studies which suggest that the foods you eat may impact the level of pain you’re suffering – some people with the condition state that citrus fruits, for example, cause more pain. If you’re suffering with arthritis, it may be worth keeping a food diary to see if any foods in your diet act as a trigger. Contrary to what many believe though, exercise can actually help your condition rather than worsen it. Light exercises which don’t put much strain on the joints, such as yoga or tai chi, are great for improving flexibility and helping you to stay agile without straining your joints or increasing pain. Aim to do a couple of sessions each week to build up your fitness and aid your symptoms.

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