Sex Is Just As Good When Using Condoms

condoms sexCondoms are the most effective way for men and women to protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and yet many people still choose not to use them, fearing that they will make sexual intercourse less pleasurable.

A recent study has shown, however, that not only are condoms vital for sexual health, they are also no barrier to pleasurable lovemaking.

An US study seems to disprove the commonly held male myth that using condoms will decrease the levels of sensitivity, leading to less enjoyable sex. Over 1,600 men and women, aged between 18 and 59 were interviewed as part of the study, and shared information about how they used condoms and lubricants during recent (heterosexual) sexual encounters.

Following on from these discussions, scientists found no decrease in wellbeing amongst those who had used a condom for their encounter. Those sexual encounters where a condom had been used were reported to be just as pleasurable as those where one had not been used. In addition to this, the study found no decrease in male sexual wellness as a result of using a condom; those who did choose to use a condom were able to achieve and maintain an erection to the same extent as those who did not use condoms.

Couples rated their sexual experience as part of the study, and those who had used condoms as part of the intercourse were equally likely to report that it had been as arousing and pleasurable as those who had not used protection.

Lubricants were also studied as part of the research, and this highlighted a worrying lack of knowledge about which types of lubricants can be used in conjunction with latex condoms. This is extremely important, as some types of lubricant (such as those with an oil base, amongst others) can damage condoms and make them more likely to malfunction and split.

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