How to Tell if Your Sex Life is in Danger of Fizzling Out


In an increasingly busy world, it’s easy to let your sexual health take a back seat by not focusing on your sex life. You may be too tired or not in the mood, but all too quickly, your sex life can fizzle out, causing problems with your own wellbeing as well as that of your partner. To ensure that your wellness is always at its best, you should safeguard your sex life, by identifying the risk factors that may get in the way of your sex life and working out how to overcome them.


Life: as we said before, modern life can be busy. Between working, looking after children and keeping a home, it can be difficult to remember to factor in time between the sheets. Try to schedule in a date night once a week with your partner. You don’t have to go out, but spending some quality time together will help you reconnect.


Contraception: the contraceptive pill works by stopping the production of sex hormones. It is these sex hormones that give you the urge to copulate, and without them, you may simply not feel like having sex at all. If you are finding that your hormone-based contraceptive is having a negative effect on your sex life, you should speak to your GP who may be able to suggest an alternative.


Overactive bladder: there is nothing less sexy than needing a wee during sex. For some people, the muscles that cause orgasm can also cause urine leakage – which is, understandably, extremely offputting. There is medication that can help with this, so a GP visit may be in order, but at the very least make sure that you visit the toilet before sex.


Tiredness: lack of sleep can be a real passion killer. As well as simply making you too tired to bother with sex, research has shown that it also lowers the levels of your sex hormones, thereby decreasing your libido.


Body image: having a poor body image can put you off sex, but the truth is that your partner probably doesn’t see yourself in the same light that you do. Try to let go of your body image worries and you will soon find that you are more confident between the sheets.


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