Flagging Sex Life? 5 Tips on How to Revive a Relationship


Ever felt that your sex life was going nowhere? Being in a long-term relationship can bring great comfort and companionship but often the fireworks that accompanied the start of the relationship are now nothing but a damp squib.


If you want to put the fire back in your sex life, here are 5 top tips for reigniting that sexual flame.


1. Make the bedroom the boudoir once more. That means the TV remote goes in the drawer, the books off the bedside table and all electronic devices, such as phones, iPads and laptops, stay in the living-room. Make your sleeping space intimate and sexy by banishing every distraction except each other.


2. Be prepared to experiment sexually. The old routine might be wonderfully familiar, usually meaning neither of you has to try very hard. So try out some different moves. Don’t be afraid to ask for something new and be open to suggestions from your other half about intimate activities that would turn both of you on. Ever thought of using toys? Indulging in fantasy role play? Dressing up? The world is your oyster. Oh yeah – try oysters, they’re an aphrodisiac.


3. Spend time apart. Yes, it sounds counter-intuitive but giving your other half time and space away from you – perhaps to go out with friends or to indulge in a hobby – will make both of you appreciate the time you do spend together. And while you’re apart, take some time to recall how much you enjoy his or her company. Let your imagination inspire you.


4. Talk to each other. Sex is as much about the emotional as it is the physical so talk to each other and really listen. Learn about each other all over again, including what turns you on. Talk frankly and openly and don’t be judgmental – you love this person and want to improve your life together in every way.


5. Get physical. Adrenaline is one way to fire the libido so think about taking part in an exciting sport together. And if that doesn’t turn you on, get the juices flowing in other ways – a massage where you both get naked and close will certainly raise the temperature.


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