Positions and Prep: How to Avoid Back Pain During Sex


Lower back pain can take its toll your wellbeing at the best of times, but during sex? Forget about it! Sex is meant to be an enjoyable experience that brings you and your partner closer together, but back pain can put you off, meaning your relationship wellness can suffer. The first thing to remember in this area of sexual health is that communication is key. There may be tension and misunderstandings in your relationship because your partner thinks you’ve lost interest, and so you need to ensure they know that pain is the only thing preventing you from being intimate with them. You also need to discuss what works for both of you and what doesn’t.


Preparation can go a long way in reducing your back pain. A spontaneous roll around under the sheets may seem like the only way to have fun sex, but proper preparation is vital if you have back pain, or else you simply won’t enjoy it. If you don’t prepare, you can have a sudden onset of pain or spend the whole time in constant fear that the wrong movement will render you helpless on the bed. Taking a muscle relaxant or pain killer might help to prepare for the sexual encounter, or get your partner to join you in a warm bath or hot shower, or give you a gentle massage as part of your foreplay.


In the beginning, you might need to try out different positions until you find the right one for you and your partner, where you both can be comfortable. You might like to prepare the room with cushions and covers under the knees, head, or lower back for support. Men who suffer from back pain tend to benefit from lying on a firm surface and using pillows to support the knee and/or head, using a small, rolled towel under the lower back may bring additional comfort, or else sitting on a chair with a back rest.


If you’re a woman with back pain, it’s worth trying the missionary position with your legs bent toward your chest may be worth trying out. You can also sit on the edge of a chair with your partner kneeling between your legs, or have your partner sit on a chair while you sit on his lap, facing away from him. A side-by-side position works regardless of who suffers from back pain, with the woman facing away from the man. Who knows? You may find a new position that you and your partner love.


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