Skin Brushing: Ancient Technique Banish Signs of Ageing

Skin brushing is an ancient practice that banishes imperfections, gets rid of dead cells and boosts circulation, getting rid of toxins in the body. Now skin brushing has been enlisted as the latest tool in the fight against ageing.

The skin is our largest organ so it’s only natural that we should target it when we try to reverse the signs of ageing in lines, wrinkles and blemishes that afflict it.

Sublime Beauty is one company behind skin brushing, encouraging everyone to pick up a brush and deal with their skin in the same way they pick up a toothbrush daily to keep their teeth clean.

The benefits of skin brushing are easy to see: brushing the skin with a small, dry brush opens up the pores, removes dead cells, eliminates toxins, boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage, and improves overall skin quality.

Dry skin is removed and you will quickly see tighter skin as cells are renewed more easily and blood flow is improved.

For the best results, it’s best to brush the skin daily. The brush should be dry and remain dry. Brush from top to bottom and then shower, washing away all the dead skin vigorously.

Make sure you use a brush with natural bristles. The bristles should be firm but not too hard – you don’t want to damage your skin. Look for a brush with a long handle so you can stretch to those hard-to-reach spots on your back, buttocks and thighs.

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