When Relationship Counselling Can Help

The pace of modern life can make it difficult for couples to keep a relationship together. Concerns over money, family, children and work can all create issues that damage and even end an otherwise healthy relationship. And it’s at these darkest times where counselling is most effective. If a couple can agree to talk to a relationship counsellor, they are not only taking the first step to salvage their relationship but may even come out the other side feeling stronger for it.

When to call a counsellor Any couple experiencing reccurring problems without resolution will benefit from counselling. Repeating the same argument over and over means you’re unable to resolve the problem on your own. The longer this continues without intervention, the more likely there’s something wrong with the way you’re communicating and the issue will become irresolvable. Perhaps one of you has stopped listening, or one of you has stopped communicating altogether.

Resolving conflict Conflict is a normal and healthy part of every close relationship. No one can get on all the time and learning to accept and deal with arguments is important to every relationship. Continuing conflict can trigger strong emotions and lead to resentment and bitterness. But if conflict can be resolved in a healthy way, it can increase your understanding of each other, building trust and strengthening existing bonds. This is vital to the long-term success of any relationship.

Surviving infidelity Having an affair is one of the biggest reasons why couples split up. And even in those that stay together, the infidelity can cause lasting problems that only counselling will resolve. Coming to terms with what has happened and what to do next can leave both sides feeling confused, fearful and angry. Going through things with a mediator can help you stand back and decide whether or not your relationship deserves a second chance.

Money troubles Every couple experiences uncertainties about their financial future at some time. The resulting stress lowers your tolerance level, so it becomes easy to bicker over small issues and neglect those that are more important. Negative feelings can build on both sides until the situation becomes intolerable. The key to solving financial worries is to work together as a team, using your individual strengths and skills. Sometimes this can only happen with the help of a professional advisor.

Everything to gain The thought of having relationship counselling can be daunting, but if it works out, you could discover that your relationship is stronger than ever.

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