Blender Or Juicer?

Do you struggle to get the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day? If you find it hard to remember to eat healthily, investing in a blender or juicer is a great way to kick-start healthy eating habits. But with so many different models on the market, it’s difficult to know which to choose. The best place to start is by deciding whether you need a blender or a juicer.

What’s the difference?

Blenders and juicers can both create tasty and healthy fruit-based drinks, but they process the fresh ingredients in different ways.

A blender takes the whole fruit or vegetable and processes it to create a liquid. This is perfect for whizzing up nutritious smoothies and soups. In contrast, a juicer is designed to extract just the juice from fruits and veg while leaving the fibrous pulp behind.

Which is best?

Experts can’t agree on whether a blender or a juicer is most healthy, as both have different merits. A blender gives you the health benefits of the entire fruit, including the fibre, and there is no waste as you’re eating the whole fruit rather than discarding the fibre. A smoothie also keeps you fuller for longer than a juice and is often seen as a meal in its own right – particularly at breakfast time. Other experts suggest that juicing is more beneficial as your body can absorb the vitamins and minerals from the juice more easily when they are not bound to fibre. However, some fruits such as avocados and bananas aren’t suitable for juicing.

If you can’t choose between a juicer or a blender, the best suggestion is to opt for the gadget you will enjoy using most. If you prefer thicker, creamy smoothies that include avocados or bananas, then a blender is best. If you prefer fresh, lower-fat juices, a juicer is the one to go for.

What about soups and sauces?

If you’re looking for an all-round piece of kit that can whizz up soups and sauces, a blender is the best choice as they can help prepare a variety of dishes. Some of the latest high-tech models can even grind nuts and seeds.

Do you need both?

Perhaps you already own a juicer or a blender but can see the benefits of having both. Well, if you have the space and can afford both – go for it! You’ll then have the flexibility to choose between juices and smoothies to suit your mood. Either way, you’ll enjoy a great nutrient boost while getting your five daily portions of fruit and veg.

A great way to choose between a juicer and a blender is to look on-line at different recipes and see which inspire you the most.

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