Can You Eat To Improve Brain Wellness?

Can certain foods really help sharpen your memory and focus and even boost your mood? Diet absolutely plays an important role in brain health. The brain is just like any other organ in the body; it needs nutrients, water and oxygen to function and is vulnerable to oxidation damage. Eating the right foods can provide an array of antioxidants and omega-3 fats to protect against this harm. Team this with avoiding the foods that accelerate cognitive damage and you will do your brain and body a great favour.

Foods at the top of the brain-boosting list include fatty fish like salmon, anchovies and mackerel, avocado, organic eggs, beetroot, asparagus, berries, pomegranate, dark green leafy vegetables like Swiss chard, kale and spinach and even dark chocolate.
Use healthy fats like virgin coconut oil, grass fed cow’s butter and extra virgin olive oil in cooking and include the wonder spice, turmeric, wherever possible.

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