Could a Vitamin Help to Restore Your Crowning Glory?

Hair loss and hair thinning is a common wellness complaint for men and women as they age, but did you know that a simple vitamin can help? This is according to the results from a new clinical study which found that these problems can be easily treated with PRO-VÄXA.

PRO-VÄXA is an all-natural hair loss vitamin developed by award-winning heart surgeon Robert Carlson, MD, FACS of Sarasota, Florida. The vitamin works by stimulating and protecting your hair follicles to promote subsequent strong and healthy hair re-growth. Not only does PRO-VÄXA put an end to receding hair lines, thinning and baldness, but it also works without any negative side effects.

Whether your hair loss or hair thinning has been triggered by a change in hormones, extended periods of stress, inadequate nutrition or genetics, PRO-VÄXA can treats your hair problem no matter the cause, and whether you’re a man or woman. Extensive clinical trials tested the effectiveness of PRO-VÄXA in men and women suffering from hair loss as result of the four common causes. The results of the trials revealed that patients saw a noticeable improvement within a month of taking the vitamin, and after three months the results were even more obvious.

Dr. Carlson developed PRO-VÄXA because he recognised that it was possible to treat hair loss for men and women by restoring the correct balance of specific vitamins and minerals that you need for healthy hair. Therefore, after intense research, PRO-VÄXA was born, and Dr. Carlson is so certain of the vitamin’s effectiveness that he offers a money back guarantee. If you find yourself disappointed with the results after taking the recommended three daily capsules over 90 days, you will be issued with a refund.

Thanks to Dr. Carlson’s expertise and high-standing, customers can be confident in buying a product they can trust. According to PRO-VÄXA user Nick Thomas, ‘I felt really good about PRO-VÄXA because a doctor developed it. Plus, it has higher concentrations of vitamins and herbs than any other product on the market. Maybe that’s why it’s so powerful!’ He adds, ‘What I noticed in the first month was my hair stopped shedding. Next month my barber said he saw new hair growth at the crown. The third month brought more hair and it became thicker and fuller. Every month thereafter hair growth was better and better.’

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