14 healthy cooking habits you must follow

Adopting healthy cooking habits is the most important ingredient in the recipe of optimal health. It increases the amount of nutrients and decreases the toxic substances we ingest.

Considering the focus of health changing from the survival health ( absence of disease) to optimal health whereby the body is as healthy as possible and not merely alive, it is imperative to learn about healthy cooking basics.

Nutritionist Karishma Chawla shares some cooking tips —

– Fruits are best eaten raw.

– Beans must be sprouted or cooked.

– Veggies should be steamed and occasionally stir-fried.

– Meats, fish and poultry should be baked, grilled and occasionally sauteed.

– Eat whole grains.

– Avoid refined flour.

– Two-thirds of the food we eat is processed, resulting in diminished vitamin and mineral contents- Avoid.

– Avoid sugar and highly processed refined carbohydrates, these are empty foods low in nutrition and high in calories that force your body to borrow nutrient reserves in order to digest the junk.

– Over cooking meats and veggies can oxidize and destroy heat – susceptible vitamins such as B group, C and E. Boiling vegetables leaches out the water-soluble B group and C and as well as many minerals. Therefore steaming is preferred.

– Microwaving may destroy B6 vitamins.

– Frying is out. It creates highly toxic products that destroy the body.

– Replace sugar with fruits, for example can add fruits to cereal to sweeten it. Can add nuts and dried fruits as well.

– Best cooking oils are rice bran, groundnut and olive oil.

– Salt use must be limited as much as possible. Try to switch to spices like black pepper and herbs like basil, celery, parsley and oregano.

Things to remember: Incorporating right foods and using right ways of cooking or preparing meals will help and allow the body to nourish well wherein the body is healthier, more energetic and less likely to develop diseases that are lifestyle related. Therefore Eat Vital and have fun now and then.

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