10 unusual exercises for the brain that will make it work to the full!

1. Brushing your teeth with an inoperative hand Studies have shown that using the opposite hemisphere of your brain (as in this exercise) gives the results of a rapid and significant expansion of the cortical areas. How to do: brush your teeth with an inoperative hand, and do not forget to open and use a tube of toothpaste with the same hand. 2. Take a shower with closed eyes Tactile sensations activate other areas of the brain. Your hands notice things that can not be seen, and send signals to your brain about it. How to do it: try to use from the sense organs only touch (do everything very carefully to avoid injury). Open the taps and adjust the water, trusting your senses. Then wash with your eyes closed. 3. Change your usual morning schedule. Brain studies show that new tasks increase the areas of the cortex, fixing an increase in the level of brain activity. How to do: dress after breakfast, walk with a dog in a new area, change your favorite channel to a TV or radio station. 4. Turn the usual objects upside down. Literally When you look at the correctly rotated things, your left, “verbal” side of the brain quickly recognizes them and immediately sends your attention to another place. When you turn them upside down, your right side of the brain joins in the work and tries to recognize the shape, color and attitude of an image that is incomprehensible to it. How to do: turn upside down pictures of your family, wall clock and calendar. 5. Change places around the table In most families, everyone has their own place at the table, but your brain constantly needs a new experience. How to do: change places to change the position that you occupy, and in another way look at the room, and people, and even how you get to the pepper and salt. 6. Breathe in new flavors You probably do not even remember how they “learned” that the smell of coffee is associated with the beginning of a new day. Involve new nerve pathways can be, connecting unusual flavors, for example, vanilla, cinnamon, mint, with some kind of activity. How to do: keep the extract of your favorite flavor around the bed all week. Open and inhale it as soon as you wake up, then when you wash and dress. 7. Open the machine window The hippocampus is the part of the brain responsible for the memories. They will be more vivid if they involve smells, sounds and images. How to do it: try to recognize new sounds and smells on your way. An open window will help you with this. 8. Study the products in the supermarket. Stores are designed so that the most profitable goods are located at eye level, so when you brew, you do not see much. How to do: stop near any row in the store and look at the shelves from top to bottom. If you saw something that you have not noticed before, take it, read the composition and think about it. You do not need to buy this, you have already broken your routine and gained a new experience. 9. Increase the number of communications during the day Scientific studies have repeatedly argued that the lack of communication has a serious negative impact on general cognitive abilities. How do you: want to drink? It is better to buy a drink from the seller in the store than the apparatus with soda. Is the gasoline over? It is better to pay the check from the cashier than the card in the terminal on the street. 10. Read in different ways We use different parts of the brain when we read ourselves or listen, when we read out loud or to ourselves. How to do it: read aloud to your interlocutor, alternating the roles of the listener and the reader. Perhaps you will read the book much longer, but spend more time together. Source: smiryponitke.info

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